our mission

    Our mission is to take in the animals that have little chance of being helped by anyone else and give them a happy, safe, and loving environment for the rest of their lives.

who is pepper?

   We founded Pepper's Place in memory of our first hospice dog Pepper.  She was a five year old Jack Russell Terrier that had been surrendered by her owner because she was terribly sick and they didn't know how to care for her.  We took her out of the shelter and cared for her for the remainder of her short life.  She was only with us for three months before she passed, but during that time we gave her as much love and happiness as we could.  Pepper inspired us to open our hearts to other animals like her, animals who are sick or old, or can't be adopted out for behavioral reasons.  


why do we need donations?

    Our sanctuary consists of a 2600 sq.ft home on a quarter acre.  We have no cages or kennels, we allow the dogs and cats free reign so that they can have as normal a life as possible.  We take care of them the way any pet parent would care for their pet, maybe even a little bit better.
We are a limited capacity sanctuary in that we are limited by space and funds.  Our annual working budget is $40,000.00.  That includes food, medication, supplies, grooming, and vet visits.  That does not include emergencies, medical care for illnesses, or intake costs.  Every time we pull an animal out of the shelter, it costs us $300-$500.  The animals are usually in terrible condition and need blood work, dentals, medication, and sometimes x-rays to get them the proper care they need.

    There are many animals that need a nursing home environment to live out the rest of their years.  Many of these animals are passed over by rescues because they are deemed unadoptable or high-risk, and are eventually euthanized. We don't care about adoptablility, all we want to do is save them and give them the love and care they deserve. 

    Until last year, we survived on private funding, but we have added several more animals this year and need your help to continue to pull animals from the shelter that are in danger of being killed.  Every cent donated goes directly to the animals.  We take no salaries and we do not pay employees.  Every cent goes towards saving the life of an animal that someone has given up on.  Help us give that animal a second chance.


Your donations are 100% tax deductible. 

Our Federal Tax ID# 83-3763726