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Each year we take in animals from rescues and shelters that are considered unadoptable.  These animals are usually terminally ill, have injuries or need surgeries, or the animals have behavior issues.  We feel that these animals have the right to be rehabilitated so that they can be adopted out, or given a safe place to live out the remainder of their lives that isn't in a cage.  That's why we started Pepper's Place.

Our sanctuary is the perfect place for sick, elderly, abused, and behaviorally challenged companion animals to rehabilitate or live out their remaining years.  We provide a loving home environment where these discarded pets can receive the love and care they deserve.  

Our motto: No cages, no kennels - just love.

At Pepper's Place, we strive to give the animals a home environment.  They get be on the couch, they get to sleep in a bed, they have the same freedom of living as any pet living in a home.  They are fed home cooked and nutritious food twice a day, along with healthy treats.  They are provided unlimited access to medical care and are groomed so that they may feel and look their best.  Our goal is not to just give them a home, but provide the necessary care to help them live happy and healthy lives for as long as they can.  But we cannot do all of this on our own.  Our monthly food bill alone is over $1000.00  This does not even include unforeseen medical emergencies which can easily reach into the thousands per animal.

This is where you come in.  We cannot possibly provide the kind of care these animals deserve without your help.  If you are an animal lover and you want to help us provide a safe and loving forever home to animals that need a second chance, please consider donating today.  Your donations are 100% tax deductible and every cent goes directly to the care of these animals.  Your donations help us save lives.

Pepper's Place, Inc

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