We are holding our first online fundraiser to raise money for Bernie's Glaucoma treatment. His initial visit with an eye specialist and medications will cost an estimated $500.

You can purchase tickets through our PayPal.  Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.

Just put how many tickets you would like in the notes.  We will notify the winner via email. Drawing will be held at 8pm MST on May 15th.

The winner receives a custom Frowny Face doll from  The doll can be customized to look like you, a family member, a friend, or even your pet! We are very grateful to for donating this great prize worth $100. 

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bernie's story

Bernie was abandoned at the bottom of a ravine.  He was found by a good samaritan who took him to the county animal shelter.  Upon evalutation, it was discovered that Bernie was blind and had several health problems, including lesions all over his body, Congestive Heart Failure, and Cushing's disease.  He was to be euthanized at the end of his 72 hour stray hold.  I found him on a Facebook page created by shelter volunteers to help network dogs in danger of euthanasia.

I brought him home to Pepper's Place on September 7th, 2019.  Poor Bernie was in such bad shape that he panted constantly, but he was so happy to be somewhere that felt safe.  He slept on the ground the first night because he didn't know how to sleep in a bed.

It has been eight months since we took Bernie into our sanctuary. His health has greatly improved.  His lesions have started to disappear and his swollen belly has gown down.  He is on heart medication and we feed him a clean, raw food diet.  In fact, his health improved so much, that we were able to get him a full dental to remove all of his rotted teeth.

We are very excited to start to treat Bernie's glaucoma.  We feel that Bernie has many years ahead of him and we want to be able to make him as healthy as possible.  His eye treatments will cost roughly $500-$750 depending on how chronic his condition is.  We are hoping to get him completely pain free so that his remaining years are the best years of his life.